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Post by VepiX on Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:16 pm

A friend of mine left from his team some time ago. I have been drifting with him for a long time now and we decided to create a new club together. It took some time to figure out, shall we create something completely new or go with a real life team/club. After some researching we found out that there is no club based on real life tuning shop called Weld Technique Factory. Their shop and car looked awesome so we decided to create this club. Smile

 Weld Technique Factory Weldfl11

Founded 2017 summer.

country: Finland
LFS since: 2011
controller: G27 with a deep dish wheel
 country: Norway
LFS since: 2007
controller: DFGT
 country: Finland
LFS since: 2009
controller: G27

country: Russia
LFS since: 2013
controller: DFGT + Attack 3

 Huge thanks to litwin for letting us to use his Weld skin as a club skin! Smile
 Weld Technique Factory 35168496014_0085a95243_o
Weld Technique Factory 35608494140_e28fd29aca_o
Weld Technique Factory Lfs_2010

Weld Technique Factory 37840337376_5e4eb12c9f_o

Weld Technique Factory 38276356666_4da3de10f0_c



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